Need some help with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Want more from Dynamics CRM, but not sure where best to turn? Let us help....

By way of introduction, we’re a London based Microsoft Dynamics practice, that does things just a little bit differently.

Firstly, we know our stuff. Having worked on hundreds of Microsoft CRM systems you’re never going to be working with someone just learning the ropes at your expense.

Secondly, we’re easy to work with. We’re happy to take on big jobs, small jobs, in fact pretty much anything Dynamics CRM related, including:

  • System administration
  • Configuration
  • Script and plug in development
  • Data migrations
  • Integration with other systems
  • Training
  • Reporting
  • System reviews
  • GDPR compliance

Finally, and perhaps just as important, we’re nice people to work with.

Easy for us to say of course, but don’t just take our word for it.  Simply ping us some brief details on the form opposite and one of the team wil be back to you at the first opportunity that’s convenient for you, and we will aim to have a quote across you within an hour of that.

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    Our focus is to help you generate real and sustained benefits from your investment in cloud CRM technology.


    We work with a wide range of CRM technologies including market-leading applications such as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM. This means we can find the most appropriate technology to address your needs and budget.


    Our implementation approach, experience, and highly skilled staff mean we deliver transformative systems cost effectively.


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