User Adoption

It is simply not possible to realise the expected return on investment if your users don’t actually use the system as intended!

Ensuring high levels of user adoption is a complex task and involves activity before during and most importantly after the system implementation.

The graphic below shows clearly when you can expect to see a return on investment:

Before Implementation

To ensure not only the success of the implementation itself, but also that users are engaged in the project and it will end up being fit for purpose there are a number of activities we undertake before implementation has even begun:


  • Ensure that all user groups get to have their say during requirements gathering.

  • Ensure that the functional requirements is based on existing business processes.

  • Directly play back our thoughts on how the system can work to all user groups.

During Implementation

It is important that users remain engaged and, ultimately, are ready and eager to use the system as soon as it launches. These are the activities we perform to make sure this is the case:


  • Chair a project implementation board with representatives from all stakeholders.

  • Ensure that all configuration and customisation is demonstrated to users early.

  • Gather feedback from users during implementation and incorporate as much as possible into the final build.

  • Deliver bespoke training to users.

  • Create an “Expected Usage” manual so that all staff know how the system should be used.

  • Work with the internal communications team to ensure that the system is consistently promoted throughout the business and that all users are aware of progress

  • Formulate some simple materials that will promote system usage (e.g. some principals of use).

  • Be available to support users on launch day.

After Implementation

One of the most critical times for user adoption is in the immediate months and years after the system is first put live. This is also the time that the system is likely to lose momentum. To make sure that focus remains on user adoption and to address any issues we undertake the following:


  •  Deliver bespoke usage monitoring reports.

  • Perform a deep assessment of the data entered/amended in the system to date.

  • Work with your communications team to gather user feedback.

  • Conduct system clinics and/or additional user training.

  • Deliver key system changes quickly and efficiently.

  • Ensure robust change management is in place.

  • Perform regular account reviews.

  • Establish product ownership within your business.

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