Support Services

After you have gone live, to keep the system relevant to changes in your organisation and business processes, you will need to administer the system. This will likely involve adding or changing users and their security rights, adding fields, picklists etc.

Some clients are large enough to train an administrator and provide cover for holiday, sickness and other absences. Others choose to select Arriga to provide the necessary skills and resources to maintain the system in a prompt and efficient manner.

The service fits neatly between doing nothing (and missing out on the benefit) and engaging on a small consulting or implementation project.

Break/Fix Support

The core service provides help with operational errors and investigates and fixes instances where functionality is not working as expected.

• Unlimited access
• SLAs
• Change Control
• Remote access and diagnostics
• Help with operational errors
• Investigation and fixing of functionality not working as expected.
• Escalation to and liaising with vendor support desks

Administration Services

This service allows you to focus on your business whilst ensuring that the key services wil always be available. Outsourcing the administration of the system means that you don’t incur training or recruitment costs and you don’t need to provide cover for holiday and absence periods.

• Add/Remove users (incl. Outlook client setup)
• Manage security rights
• Add, remove, move, edit fields and forms
• Create/edit views
• Creation of new advanced finds/charts
• Add/edit dashboards
• Add/edit mail merge and email templates
• User adoption & Monthly Usage Review
• Data maintenance including scheduled deletions
• Create/Edit reports
• Create/Edit workflows
• Create/Edit scripts


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