Obbard/Obespoke Case Study

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the success of the implementation and the results that the system has enabled us to achieve. Our new design and build wing, Obespoke, is up and running and the Arriga team are working with us really well to support our marketing efforts and help us secure new projects.”

Patti PatrickManaging director of Obespoke

The Client

Obbard Ltd incorporating Obespoke

Obbard is a luxury property development and investment company.

Obespoke is the design and build wing of Obbard, specialising in property refurbishments and interior design.

Both are well established and respected, particularly in the prime London property market.

Obbard/Obespoke is a specialist, independent business that has been established for over 25 years and has acquired over 300 properties and refurbished over 200.

The company has offices in Chelsea Harbour London and Hong Kong.

Their Challenge

To rebrand and launch their interior design & build services as a separate, but linked, wing of the Obbard business.

The client had a variety of data sources – business cards, Excel spreadsheets, legacy customer data, Outlook contacts.

The challenge was how best to consolidate, store, update and manage their data whilst running the business.

The client was wary of selecting a technology that would not work, would not fit in with their business processes or be difficult to use. They had experienced technology implementation disappointments in the past and were determined not to suffer a repeat performance.

They needed a company who could combine low cost and speedy implementation with technology that would provide for their immediate requirements and grow as their business grew.

The Solution

Obbard engaged with Arriga to map out current processes and design new ones where gaps existed. The process maps formed the core of the requirements.

A variety of technologies were considered with the directors selecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrated with MailChimp being the preferred option to fit in with their existing technology environment.

The Implementation

The data was de-duped, cleansed and imported to the CRM system. The users were trained and user manuals created which related to Obbard terminology and business processes.

The entire company now has access to the CRM system using the various licence options available.

The Arriga help desk is available to answer users’ questions as they arise as well as provide a full managed services to:

  • set up and initiate the regular email programmes
  • add users and their security rights
  • run monthly data maintenance tasks

The Results

The provision of the integrated sales and marketing system and the consolidation of data allowed Obbard to initiate a series of targeted marketing campaigns that resulted in significant growth in new projects. Such was the success of the campaigns that Obbard recovered its investment in the system within two months of going live.