Mark Payne

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Mark Payne Technical Director

A few things about Mark

I have spent most of my career working in the CRM space. As a Consultant, I have worked with most of the leading technologies and have integrated them with a huge number of different back office applications. I have also spent a bit of time on the “other side of the fence” working in a commercial company as IT Director as well as a stint in the Foreign Office.

I believe that a well specified and delivered CRM system can make a genuine difference to almost any organisation. I joined Arriga because I wanted to be part of a company that implemented technology to support businesses and their processes rather than one that implements technology for technology’s sake.

arrigawpadminMark Payne

John Redburn

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John Redburn Director

A few things about John

Graduating from Oxford, I have worked for large organisations like BBC, Amdocs and ATOS as well as small companies like Shere, Datawatch and now Arriga.
I have over 25 years of project management and service management experience gained across a variety of industry sectors; media, telecoms, manufacturing, self-service and IT consultancy.

My IT experience includes software development, data migration, service management, disaster recovery and compliance (PCI). Since 1998 I have focused on the management of project teams, setting up standards as well as support and project management processes.

arrigawpadminJohn Redburn

Iain Kingsley

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Iain Kingsley Director

A few things about Iain

I’ve used my 25years of CRM experience and running businesses to create Arriga CRM. I am passionate about helping businesses and business people achieve their goals through the deployment and exploitation of technology. I’ve trodden the SME path as well as the large corporate route and have worked with some great people.

I currently work with many of the best of them at Arriga CRM. If you’re really interested in my CV, you can find it on LinkedIn. In my spare time, I enjoy fine food and wine, travelling and playing tennis.

arrigawpadminIain Kingsley